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Trump Reveals He Broke Down After Melania’s…

Donald Trump said in a Greg Kelly interview he got very emotional after Melania Trump’s mother died, and teased he may have cried privately, but won’t do that in public.

Former President Donald Trump recently claimed that nobody has been treated bad like he’s been as president in U.S. history via Mediaite.

It has been noted that in an interview on Newsmax that aired on Wednesday night, host Greg Kelly indicated to Trump’s legal problems. The former president is currently under indictment on 88 criminal counts in four jurisdictions.

The former President has been ordered to pay more than $500 million after multiple civil trials concluded he defrauded financial institutions and defamed a woman he sexually assaulted.

Kelly asked Trump if such problems ever make him “lonely.”

“Mr President, I’m very curious about what it’s like for you, your life,” Kelly said. “No one’s gone through what you’ve gone through. Nobody in human history has really– and I know you have supporters, friends, family. They say it’s lonely at the top, and I’m actually curious. Is it ever lonely for you? I mean, no one can fully relate to what you’ve been through and what you’re going through. Are you ever lonely?”

Trump has also replied by saying that he studies history and he was told that President Andrew Jackson “was treated the absolute worst” and that President Abraham Lincoln, who was the first of four presidents to be assassinated, “was second, but he was in a thing called the Civil War, so you can understand that.”

However, the former president posited that he has surpassed Jackson “in terms of badly”:

And I look now – even last night I was saying it. I said there’s no– I don’t care, Andrew Jackson or anybody else. Nobody has– when you think of the fake things. Nobody’s been treated like Trump in terms of badly.

Russia Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Everything was a scam and it literally starts a new one. As you win one, you start the other impeachment hoax number one, impeachment hoax, number two. All hoaxes and scams. And I said, if they ever devoted their time to making America great again. It would be a lot easier.

Trump added that he is fighting “some very evil people.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he addressed his federal case in which he is on trial for retaining government documents after leaving office.

“And I took them very legally and I wasn’t hiding them,” Trump said.

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